6 Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Puppy’s First Day


There are certain days in your dog’s life that remain etched forever in an owner’s memory, and one of the most eventful of these is the day your pet comes home for the first time. A day of simple, unbridled and pure joy for both you and your pup, it is important that amidst all the smiles and laughter, adequate care is taken of your little one’s special needs.

Gentle Playfulness

The puppy is going to busy himself right away exploring your home and playing with his/her new owner. Remember to take care and use a gentle touch when playing, running around and jumping, and try to supervise the pup at all times if possible. Injuries on the first day are a big no-no.



Certainly, the fact that your puppy is a ‘baby’ will not be lost on you. Its ‘babyness’ is one of its most adorable features. One thing to keep in mind with such young pups is that they need their extra share of warmth and comfort, as they were used to those two when they were with the mother and family unit. Keep plenty of blankets ready and a comfortable puppy cot as well.


For a more hands on approach, you can use your own warmth and have your puppy tuck in with you. A sound sleep should be guaranteed for both parties 🙂



Before your puppy comes home, chalk out a plan and be ready for the challenges that await you. Foremost of these is potty training. While you may be physically prepared to take your pup outside to answer the call of nature, keep in mind that during the first few weeks, the little fellow is going to be ‘going’ all the time (7-10 times a day!) This is going to mean waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, stopping in the middle of a meal (cooking or eating) and a lot of patience. Even with due diligence, mistakes are to be expected, either from the owner’s side (not understanding the puppy’s behavior indicating it needs to go) or from the puppy’s side (not showing this behavior, spontaneously having an ‘accident’). These little accidents should happen in a designated spot, otherwise as an owner you would miss a couple of them and they could end up on furniture. Have this spot ready from the get-go.

It’s Ok to be a Parent from Day 1


You won’t seem too authoritarian, so don’t worry. Don’t want your dog to play on the bed or furniture? Start from day 1. Be calm and gentle and your pup will grow up to be an obedient pet.



Small puppies need to eat much more often than adult dogs, at least 4 to 5 times a day when very young. Try to find out what the puppy was fed before coming to your home and gradually transition to the diet desired by you.

Patience is Key


Your puppy has been removed from its familiar surroundings of mother and siblings, and will show their separation anxiety mostly at night, during bedtime. It is perfectly normal for them to cry and seem scared, but it is nothing a little bit of love and comfort won’t take care of.

So there you go, some tips on how to handle your pup on its first day in your loving home. Here’s to many, many more adventures ahead!


Photos Courtesy –

Wikihow, Huffington Post, Memebase


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