6 Ways Your Pet Can Beat the Summer Heat


With the mercury rising the way it has been over the last few weeks, the general population has been finding its solace in air conditioners, ice cream and staying indoors as much as possible. While our pets might not readily indicate their irritation and discomfort, you can be sure that they all feel that way when temperatures go up to the high 30s and 40s. What’s more, dogs and cats don’t really sweat at all, regulating body heat through panting and small amounts of perspiration through the paws. This makes them quite susceptible to overheating and heat strokes, so care and attention is specially required during these particular months. Here are some tips that will help your pet cope with the heat and make you a way ‘cooler’ owner.

Ice Cubes


Let’s start with something that most of us but have readily available, ice cubes! Pets get fascinated by the little blocks, chasing them as they slide along the floor, gnawing on them happily once caught. Ice cubes are a great way to help them rehydrate and help bring down body temperature.

Frozen Treats


Your freezer can help you in even more ways. Pop some treats in there until frozen and voila, you’ve got a special ‘summer’ treat. If your pet likes carrots, bananas or other kinds of fruit and vegetable treats, freeze them as well to give them a cooling, crispy crunch.


It’s quite obvious – long haired breeds have it much harder than others during hot months. This is why haircuts are necessary for them during this period. Breeds like the Golden Retriever and Lhasa Apso have coats developed to help them thrive in temperate climates, and they’re quite out of their element once the blistering Indian summer sets in.


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Sun Block

It’s not all hunky dory for short haired breeds either. With the sun at its fiercest, they do occasionally get sun burnt. Special Dog Sunscreens and leave on sprays help take care of the problem. Similar caution should be taken care for pets that have recently had a trim, as their skin is extra sensitive to the increased exposure.


Reduce exercise and exertion


Your dog will love to run, jump and play, no matter the weather. It’s up to you, as a responsible owner, to keep it in moderation as overheating can occur. Minimize time spent in direct sunlight and keep time spent outdoors to a minimum. Think of it as a good time for your pet to put on a little weight 😉

Reduce day trips and outings


Try to avoid making trips where you would have to leave your dog in a parked car. For vet/grooming visits, be sure to book your appointment and show up on time so you don’t have to spend time waiting outside or in a parked car. Even with the windows down, it becomes unbearably hot in there and the danger is all the more amplified because the pet has been left unsupervised.



While we can safely assume that most of us do not have our own private swimming pools, buying an inflatable kiddie pool for your dog to frolic in is a great idea! All you need is space and an area you don’t mind water splashing around, like a yard (even a balcony would do).

Following these simple tips will make managing your pet as easy as a summer breeze. You can buy a leave on sun blocking spray for your pet right here – PetGoLucky

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Go grab yourself a nice, cold popsicle and enjoy the rest of summer!



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