If You Own Both A Car And A Pet, This Is Just What You Need


Dog and Car Owner Sharan Shirur had this to say about the Trixie Car Seat Cover he purchased from PetGoLucky :

Started using this car seat cover and I love it.
Our dogs love to swim and one of the main reasons why I couldn’t take them out swimming enough was because they’d get really dirty and destroy our car seat. Getting off your seat covers and washing them everytime you take your dog out isn’t really practical.
The seat cover is made of this material that doesn’t get wet, and washes off easily. The cover is designed extremely thoughtfully, here are things I love most about it:

1. Its extremely easy to put of and take off. You just have to slip the edges onto the head rests of both the front and back seats. 
2. It has these flaps that slip into the sides of the seats – I think they’re there to keep it in place, not matter how excited your pooch is. 
3. It maintains a sling about 5 -6 inches above the floor of the vehicle. This is good because in the event of you applying the breaks of your vehicle, the dog may fall down, but is protected in the sling.
Last, but not the least, the seat cover is so very versatile. Its like carrying a blanket around that never gets dirty. We have used it for picnics tons of times.
It’s one of those must-haves in your car. Your dogs will love you for it.

Link to Original Post – http://on.fb.me/1m0pxH9

Buy The Trixie Car Seat Cover for Dogs – http://bit.ly/1mQUCMR


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